Thank You for Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving weekend so me and Rose decided to say what we’re thankful for. I’ll go first. Belly rubs. I love belly rubs, they make me feel all warm and special. Shadows and light: ‘Cause I get to chase them all around. You should see me run. I’m 12 years old now but I still run fast. I spring too. I spring up and out of the grass and then the birds spring up. I think that’s why I’m called a springer.

Birds: I chase the birds. I’ve got lots of energy and it’s my job to keep the birds away from the campsite. One time a huge black bird — I think it was called a crow – tried to steal our dinner on the picnic table. Well, I got rid of him really quick.

It’s me Rose, now. I’m thankful for snuggles in bed. I’m big and have long legs but there’s always room for me in the bed. I sleep sometimes on Brian’s belly or on Dee’s butt.

Celery: Every day at 3:00 PM we get a stalk of celery as a snack. I love the way it crunches and crunches.

Turkey: no seriously turkey. Dee scrapes off all the meat from the bones and mixes it with mashed potatoes and string beans. Sometimes she puts cranberries on top. See, we get homemade food all the time but we only get turkey at Thanksgiving.

Sunrise: because it’s the beginning of a new day and who knows what wonderful surprises will happen.

Both of us, me and Kate, are thankful that Brian and Dee are our two-legged companions because I don’t know what they would do without us. We take care of them. We get them up in the morning. Make sure they get their exercise by nagging them for walks. We help them eat healthy ’cause we always watch them when they eat.

And most important – we’re always there to give them a lovie when they need one.

So Happy Thanksgiving.

Rose and Kate

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Go Find

See it’s this game we play. Our two-legged companion, this time it’s Payton, tells us to sit. You can see me sitting with Rose, Harley and Malibu. Harley is the little black guy. I like him. I want to play with him, but he doesn’t want to play with me. He likes Malibu and plays with her. She’s the mostly white one. She wants to play with me, but I don’t want to play with her. I want to play with Harley. Rose plays with anybody. Anyways back to Go Find.

Another two-legged companion hides these treats all around the house. Sometimes they’re on a table. Sometimes they’re on the floor or on the stairs. Then she says “Go Find!” and we all run around finding the treats. I win ’cause I get the most treats. At least I think I win. Maybe there’s no winning or losing, just lots of treats.

It’s a fun game and we can play it anytime.
Kate, the cute one

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It’s a Big Day for Me, Like Huge!!!

It’s my birthday. I am 14 years old. I’m not finished yet, but 14 is a big birthday. I’ve done a lot in those 14 years.

I saved Brian from a big owie from a rattlesnake in the garden. I jumped in front of Brian and the rattlesnake bit me instead. That was scary and it hurt, but I got better. Now, when I want a special snack I remind Brian I saved him.

When I was two years old I got a baby sister. I didn’t want a baby sister, but I got one anyway. You’ve probably guessed it’s Kate. After a couple of days she was okay. She and me are bestest friends now. We have lots of adventures. You can read about them in the book we wrote. Kate and Rose Unleashed: It’s available as a paperback on Amazon and kindle book. You might want to buy it as a Christmas present. See we get a treat for every copy that’s sold. We should get more than just a treat ’cause we wrote it, but that’s how it goes.

This year has been the best, well they are all really good years, but this year we went camping. We saw the Grand Canyon. We stayed on the beach in Oregon for a week. We explored the redwood forest. Went up to the red rocks in Sedona. Stayed in Oak Creek Canyon. Camped on the shores of Lake Powell. Swam in the ocean. Chased seagulls. Swam in the Smith River. Swam in the Colorado River. Swam in the Sacramento River. We did a lot of swimming.

Anyways I’m looking forward to my 15th year. I bet it will be lots of fun. And more camping.

Rose, the birthday girl

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Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away

Soggy doggy Kate

It’s raining. I like the rain. I like to jump in puddles and get my ears all wet. Then I shake. And guess what? Brian and Dee get all wet too.

In the backyard the grass gets wet so I roll in it. The grass feels good on my back. Okay, so I get a little on me, then Dee calls me a muddy mutt, but I’m not a mutt I’m a purebred English springer spaniel and I have three colors, not just one like Rose. She’s just red. I’m black and white and brown. Mutts are fine. I like mutts, but I’m not a mutt.

There’s an animal that looks like a rock that lives in the backyard. He’s called Bruiser the tortoise. He likes the rain too. He walks really, really, really slow. He doesn’t have fur, just the hard covering over him. When he gets surprised he pulls in his head and legs and tail underneath the hard cover. I like to surprise Bruiser, but then Dee fusses at me. She fusses at me a lot. Oh well.

I hope it rains again really soon.

Kate, the cute one.

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Snowbirds in the Fall

Rose and Kate Fall

It’s fall finally. I don’t know why it’s called fall. Maybe it’s because the leaves fall off the trees or the temperature falls or night falls faster.

I still get up really early. That’s what us four-legged companions do – we get up early to start the day, only now it’s not daytime yet, ’cause it’s still dark outside. That’s okay. I can see a glow where the sky meets the mountains in the east. The sky gets brighter and brighter and then whoosh the sun is up. Who wants to sleep through that magic?

Fall here in Arizona is a little different. The snow birds start to come back. No, these aren’t the birds with feathers that fly in – like ducks do on the lake. These are peoples who migrate in the fall and stay here through the spring.

You can tell they’re here because the license plates in the parking lot, like at Petsmart, are all different not just Arizona. There’s Illinois and Wisconsin and Minnesota. If you look at the cars you can see Green Bay Packer stickers (Go Pack Go), Chicago Cubs (yeah!) and Minnesota Vikings (boo!). There are more of them than the red birds – sometimes called Cardinals – from Arizona.

So I like fall. How about you?

Rose, the Irish setter

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It’s My Job When We’re Camping

Somebody has to do it so I picked me. If I don’t there will be squirrels all over the place. So it’ my job to chase away those pesky squirrels. You wouldn’t believe how cheeky they are. They wave their big bushy tails around like a flag that says “chase me, chase me but you can’t catch me.” Yanno Why? Because if I get close, those squirrels run up a tree. Now I don’t think that’s fair. If I hafta stay on the ground so should they.

I tried climbing a tree once. There was a nest of yummy baby birds on one of the branches. I tried and tried but couldn’t get up there. It worked out okay ’cause one of the birds fell out and that way my morning snack.

Anyways I don’t mind the little birds so much. It’s the big black birds called ravens I don’t like. If I wasn’t around to chase them away they’d come right up on the pic-a-nic table.

One time Brian put a bag of chili on the pic-a-nic table to thaw out. Well those ravens came right up and pecked through the bag with their big black beaks. Couldn’t have chili for diner ’cause you never know where those beaks have been. Maybe we could send all the ravens back to Baltimore. I bet the football team there would like a a stadium filled with big black raven birds.

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Yeast Belongs in Bread and Beer But …

Not on my back. See in the summer when its hot and humid I get allergies. And part of the allergies is these yeastie things that itch and itch and itch.

I get them on my back but sometimes on my tummy too. So I do what any four-legged companion would do. I lick, and lick and lick. Sometimes it works and sometimes the yeasties go away. And sometimes it doesn’t, when that happens, Dee sprays the yeasties with apple cider vinegar.

It kills the yeasties and it tastes good so I try to lick it. Then Dee scolds me. She says I have to let the vinegar do it work. I try but it’s hard not to lick. Then I have to wear a shirt.

Don’t worry, cause it’s almost fall. The weather should be cooler and the yeasties go away. I looked at the calndar and fall is only 2 day away.


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Woofing in the Woods

While we were camping up in the mountains this past weekend somebody was playing a guitar. It sounded really nice with the wind rustling the pine trees. My two-legged companion asked the player what he was using to make that pretty sound and he said it was a subwooferjbl jrx100 . Now I woof a lot, but I never sounded like a guitar. Maybe I need to get a subwoofer.


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Packer Pup Predictions – Packers Chase Jaguars Out of the Stadium

Well, that’s what i would do, Grab their tails, bite them in the butt and then chase them right out of their own stadium. Yup. That’s what I do with cats. Don’t like ‘em much. The Packers are going to win this Sunday. I don’t care what anybody says. Some pundits, that’s another word for somebody who thinks they know everything but don’t know nuthin’, say that the heat and humidity are a big problem for the Packers. Hey you ever been to Wisconsin during the summer? Talk about heat and humidity.

I predict the Packers win 24 to 3. Rose says it’ll be closer 27 to 17. So there you have it. Our first Packer Pup Prediction. What do you think.

Kate, one of the Packer Pups.

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Throwback Thursday

Yanno, I never asked for a little sister. And yet I got Kate. It’s been awhile. Like 12 years since she came to join our pack. See, it was just me and Brian and Dee and I kinda liked it that way. At first I didn’t know what to do with Kate. I mean she was really really little. And feisty. She growled at me when we first met which made me laugh. I’m this big Irish setter girl and here she is this little bitty English springer spaniel pup and she growls at me.

That didn’t last long … the growling. As soon as she learned I liked to play that’s what we did. I had to be gentle with her at least in the beginning. It was a different story when she got almost all grown up. Then we chased each other around the house and out into the yard.

Kate would pull on my ears when she was little ’cause she couldn’t reach any higher I wonder if that’s the reason I never got those long silky ears most Irish setter have. It doesn’t matter. Those long ears just get in your food and water bowl anyway.

Me and Kate are good friends now. She’s still feisty and after all this time still tries to steal my dinner. She doesn’t pull my ears, but every once in a while, she grabs my collar and tries to pull me around.

It’s nice to have a buddy like Kate.

Rose, the Irish setter

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