It’s My Job When We’re Camping

Somebody has to do it so I picked me. If I don’t there will be squirrels all over the place. So it’ my job to chase away those pesky squirrels. You wouldn’t believe how cheeky they are. They wave their big bushy tails around like a flag that says “chase me, chase me but you can’t catch me.” Yanno Why? Because if I get close, those squirrels run up a tree. Now I don’t think that’s fair. If I hafta stay on the ground so should they.

I tried climbing a tree once. There was a nest of yummy baby birds on one of the branches. I tried and tried but couldn’t get up there. It worked out okay ’cause one of the birds fell out and that way my morning snack.

Anyways I don’t mind the little birds so much. It’s the big black birds called ravens I don’t like. If I wasn’t around to chase them away they’d come right up on the pic-a-nic table.

One time Brian put a bag of chili on the pic-a-nic table to thaw out. Well those ravens came right up and pecked through the bag with their big black beaks. Couldn’t have chili for diner ’cause you never know where those beaks have been. Maybe we could send all the ravens back to Baltimore. I bet the football team there would like a a stadium filled with big black raven birds.

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Yeast Belongs in Bread and Beer But …

Not on my back. See in the summer when its hot and humid I get allergies. And part of the allergies is these yeastie things that itch and itch and itch.

I get them on my back but sometimes on my tummy too. So I do what any four-legged companion would do. I lick, and lick and lick. Sometimes it works and sometimes the yeasties go away. And sometimes it doesn’t, when that happens, Dee sprays the yeasties with apple cider vinegar.

It kills the yeasties and it tastes good so I try to lick it. Then Dee scolds me. She says I have to let the vinegar do it work. I try but it’s hard not to lick. Then I have to wear a shirt.

Don’t worry, cause it’s almost fall. The weather should be cooler and the yeasties go away. I looked at the calndar and fall is only 2 day away.


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Woofing in the Woods

While we were camping up in the mountains this past weekend somebody was playing a guitar. It sounded really nice with the wind rustling the pine trees. My two-legged companion asked the player what he was using to make that pretty sound and he said it was a subwooferjbl jrx100 . Now I woof a lot, but I never sounded like a guitar. Maybe I need to get a subwoofer.


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Packer Pup Predictions – Packers Chase Jaguars Out of the Stadium

Well, that’s what i would do, Grab their tails, bite them in the butt and then chase them right out of their own stadium. Yup. That’s what I do with cats. Don’t like ‘em much. The Packers are going to win this Sunday. I don’t care what anybody says. Some pundits, that’s another word for somebody who thinks they know everything but don’t know nuthin’, say that the heat and humidity are a big problem for the Packers. Hey you ever been to Wisconsin during the summer? Talk about heat and humidity.

I predict the Packers win 24 to 3. Rose says it’ll be closer 27 to 17. So there you have it. Our first Packer Pup Prediction. What do you think.

Kate, one of the Packer Pups.

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Throwback Thursday

Yanno, I never asked for a little sister. And yet I got Kate. It’s been awhile. Like 12 years since she came to join our pack. See, it was just me and Brian and Dee and I kinda liked it that way. At first I didn’t know what to do with Kate. I mean she was really really little. And feisty. She growled at me when we first met which made me laugh. I’m this big Irish setter girl and here she is this little bitty English springer spaniel pup and she growls at me.

That didn’t last long … the growling. As soon as she learned I liked to play that’s what we did. I had to be gentle with her at least in the beginning. It was a different story when she got almost all grown up. Then we chased each other around the house and out into the yard.

Kate would pull on my ears when she was little ’cause she couldn’t reach any higher I wonder if that’s the reason I never got those long silky ears most Irish setter have. It doesn’t matter. Those long ears just get in your food and water bowl anyway.

Me and Kate are good friends now. She’s still feisty and after all this time still tries to steal my dinner. She doesn’t pull my ears, but every once in a while, she grabs my collar and tries to pull me around.

It’s nice to have a buddy like Kate.

Rose, the Irish setter

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I Was So Embarrassed – TWICE!

Kate the Springer Spaniel here. I try really, really hard to be a good girl all the time. Ask anyone. Even my sister big ol’ Rose the Irish Setter knows that I really try to do the right thing, whatever Dee and Brian (mainly Dee, I sometimes blow off Brian) ask me. Unless there’s a squirrel or bird to chase–then I’m not always able to listen. A proud member of the Sporting Group, like me, has to do what she was bred to do.

But last week was not a good one for me. First, I barfed in the house and then I peed inside the tent when we went camping the next day. I felt so bad. Here’s what happened…

I'm a Good Girl...

So anyways, the day before we left for our camping trip, we were staying with some friends. Brian and Dee left me and Rose by ourselves in the house to buy food for the trip. I think I must have eaten some weird stuff on our walk that morning. This time of years these seed pods from mesquite trees fall onto the sidewalks. They taste kinda sweet, and me and Rose have a contest to see who can gobble up the most pods on our walk. Dee has tried forever to tell us not to do that, but besting Rose at any game is too much fun. She’s way bigger than me and loves to boss me around. I’m younger and faster, though.

Later that morning, I was sitting there on the living room carpet when I got a strange feeling in my tummy. Sorta gurgling. Then it started to feel really weird–churning. I didn’t know what to do. There wasn’t anyone to let me outside to the yard. I started to feel worse and worse. And then…oh no…I felt my food coming up and out my throat, and onto the carpet. I barfed it all out…such a relief!

That’s the difference between dog and humans. When Brian has a tummy ache, he sits on the sofa and looks in pain. He takes some kind of pills sometimes and just waits for it to get better. Dogs have better ways of dealing with tummy upset. We just puke out whatever is making our tummy angry and painful. And then off we go to the next food adventure.

I don't feel so well...

Then I thought to myself, “Kate, you are in big trouble.” Suppose the people who live here really like their carpet and don’t want it messed up. I couldn’t explain to them that I could smell that their own dogs have peed all over the place, so it’s not like their carpet is fabulous or something. I hoped no one would be mad at me, though.

Turns out I had nothing to worry about. The nice lady who lives at the house came downstairs and cleaned up the mess before Brian and Dee got home. I didn’t even get scolded. Dee only gave me a half portion for dinner that night, though, which sucked. She said since I didn’t feel well, I didn’t need to eat too much. I was so frustrated with that. When will she learn that I had gotten rid of the bad stuff in my stomach! My tummy was empty and ready to be filled! Sheesh. Two-legged companions are so clueless sometimes.

So the next day we pack the car and drive for a long, long time until we got to a place with lots of trees. Brian and Dee set up the tent and got everything ready for us to stay at the campsite. They were really tired when they were done. It was very hot at home in Phoenix that morning and packing the car in the hot driveway wore them out, I think.

We went to bed early, after our walk in the woods where I got the chance to pee and poop. Normally we go out again a few hours later, because it’s hard for me to hold it in for such a long time until morning comes. That second chance to pee is the one where I feel great relief. But this time they fell asleep and me and Rose never got our last walk. I woke up a few times and it was still dark. I’m a Good Girl and I’d rather do anything than mess up the tent. But I thought I was going to burst! I tried to wake up Brian by scratching him lightly on the hand while he was sleeping. Finally, he began to stir. I danced around with joy! Relief was just a few seconds away.

But then he took forever to put on his shoes and unzip the tent. Too late, my friend. You gotta move a little faster than that.

Uh oh. I felt wetness on my back paws and saw a liquid running across the tent floor and under the mattress. I had peed in the tent! I felt really, really bad. This was worse than barfing in the friends’ house because I got Dee’s shoes and socks all wet, the tent floor, part of the blanket and the mattress. Dee and Brian had to get up and take the mattress outside, then scrub the tent floor with soap. Not the way they wanted to start their day, but there was nothing I could do.

Gotta tell ya, after I went out into the woods and finished peeing, I felt so much better. I almost forgot I was in big trouble. I haven’t peed inside since I was a little pup. The tent sloped toward the bed, so the pee spread everywhere. What a mess!

But, to my surprise, they weren’t mad at me at all. They were mad at themselves for not taking me out for that last walk in the evening. Every once in a while these two-legged companions show a lot of smarts. Not as smart as us canines, but pretty good. My embarrassment went away. I was a happy camper again.

That night, we went on not one, not two, but three walks after dinner.

Now, that’s more like it. Anyways, the tent floor needed a good scrubbing, prob’ly.

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Packer Pups Don’t Like Preseason

Nope, nope, nope we don’t like preseason. First of all it don’t mean nuthin’ except to those players who will probably get cut. So if you’re 4-0 in preseason so what? It doesn’t mean you’re going to have a winning season during regular season.

Second it means there’s 4 extra games for players to get hurt. Like Teddy Bridgewater the QB got hurt and won’t play for the Viqueens for awhile. Course that’s a good thing for the Packers. But what if one of our players got hurt? That’s not a good thing. Remember how we missed Jordy last year?

I don’t think it’s fair that the fans have to pay the same price to see a preseason game as a regular season game. And it’s hot still, really hot in some places. The fans have to sit there and sweat.

So I kept my paws crossed for all four of the exhibition games that nobody got hurt.

While you’re waiting for the real season to start you might want to read our book. Yup Rose and me wrote a book. Rose and Kate Unleashed: Observations, Advice and Humor from Two Very Opinionated Dogs.” We’re the opinionated dogs. It’s got Green Bay Packer Football in it.

Kate, the Packer Pup

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My Favorite Summer

Rose the Irish Setter here. We live in Phoenix, Arizona, which is hot, hot, hot in the summer and into the fall. I never liked summer. We have to go for a walk just after daylight before the pavement gets too hot for me and Kate’s paws. Then we’d just sit in the house the rest of the day. It was cool inside and we have nice couches in the living room but it was very boring. I spent a lot of the day sleeping. I like to go out and play. But it’s even too hot in the back yard in the grass sometimes. And the summer just goes on and on.

Finally, autumn would come and we could do all sorts of fun things outside. Two years ago we even won a Halloween costume contest and got a bunch of cool prizes. Even Kate looked cute…

Fall also means football is here! Me and Kate love to see the Green Bay Packers on TV. We have our own football shirts to wear on game day. I actually watch the games. Kate just runs around and barks like a lunatic when there’s a touchdown. We have lots of fun. But it seems like it takes forever for football season to arrive. Did I mention that it is hot, hot, hot where we live?

But…This summer was completely different from any one before! We got out of the heat and traveled all over the place! We went to these nice parks with trees and slept in a tent and felt the cool breezes all night. We went for long walks where me and Kate could explore. Through the woods. To lakes. To rivers. Even to the ocean! Twice! Which was my favorite because the waves felt so good and the sand was soft under my paws.

It’s not like Brian and Dee didn’t try to find fun things for us to do in other summers. One year they bought a little pool for me and Kate to swim in. But this compared to swimming in the ocean??? C’mon.

We met lots of fun two-legged companions this summer on our travels. They paid lots of attention to me. I think because I’m a beautiful Irish Setter and you don’t see many of us where we live. I like all the attention, but Kate gets jealous. Not my problem, Kate. What can I say…I was just born beautiful.

When we first started camping this year, I had trouble getting around. I had a big owie in my hips. One day I even tried to stay behind in the tent instead of going hiking with everyone else. The vet said I was getting something called arthur-itis. But Brian and Dee found these pills for me to take that really helped me. Something called gluecoseemeen and candriden. Anyways, I got better and better. By the time we got to the beach in Oregon, I was able to run again! Not as fast as I could when I was a pup, but Brian and Dee were so happy to see me having fun scampering in and out of the surf. It makes me happy to entertain them. We Irish Setters are natural entertainers.

So, even though it is still hot in Phoenix, it doesn’t bother me so much this summer. I just keep an eye out for Dee and Brian packing the tent and cooler into the SUV. That means–ROAD TRIP!

And it won’t be long until the seasons change and the heat goes away. One winter, we even had snow fall in our backyard. That was too extreme for me. My paws almost froze playing in it.

That day, I was thinking: I miss the summertime!

By the way, they published this picture in our local newspaper, prob’ly because I was in it. Told ya that people think I’m beautiful.

Rose, the Redheaded Road Warrior, Keeping Cool in Phoenix

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It’s My Birthday

This is Katie, the English springer spaniel. It’s my birthday. So I gotta a present for you. Me, and Rose, my Irish setter sister, have a newsletter and you can have a free subscription. Just put your name and email address into the box on the right paw side and we’ll sign you up. It’s free.

Kate, the Happy birthday girl

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It’s Almost Football Time

So, okay the Olympics are still on but what’s better is it’s almost football time Yanno NFL football. Green Bay Packer football!!!

The Olympics are Okay. I didn’t like schwimming ’cause all you can see is lots of water and some heads. Gymnastics is kinda boring, girls jumping around. Badminton and volleyball is fun to watch. I like the way the ball or that little birdie thingie jumps around. But now it’s time for football.

We got out our Green Bay stuff. I think Me and Rose need new shirts. And maybe some green and gold beads. I know you’re thinking dogs are color blind. Well we’re not. We see what you two-legged companions call red as sorta a dark greyish color. But we can see blue and yellow. If we can see blue and yellow we can see green, cause that’s what green is … blue and yellow all mixed up.

Tonight is an exhibition game. I don’t think it’s fair that they charge the same price for exhibition games as real season games. I mean we’re not gonna see Aaron play much or any of the first string players. That’s a funny name ‘first string players.”

Anyways, it’s not on TV just on the Internet. It’s no fun watching the game on the Internet. You just see a drawing of a football field and these little dots. And then the dots move and that’s supposed to be Jordy — well it won’t be Jordy because he’s first string — or another receiver running down the field.

Oh well, only hafta wait until September 11 until we play those kitty kats. I think they’re called the Jaguars.

Kate, the Packer Pup along with Rose, the other Packer Pup

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