It’s Almost Football Time

So, okay the Olympics are still on but what’s better is it’s almost football time Yanno NFL football. Green Bay Packer football!!!

The Olympics are Okay. I didn’t like schwimming ’cause all you can see is lots of water and some heads. Gymnastics is kinda boring, girls jumping around. Badminton and volleyball is fun to watch. I like the way the ball or that little birdie thingie jumps around. But now it’s time for football.

We got out our Green Bay stuff. I think Me and Rose need new shirts. And maybe some green and gold beads. I know you’re thinking dogs are color blind. Well we’re not. We see what you two-legged companions call red as sorta a dark greyish color. But we can see blue and yellow. If we can see blue and yellow we can see green, cause that’s what green is … blue and yellow all mixed up.

Tonight is an exhibition game. I don’t think it’s fair that they charge the same price for exhibition games as real season games. I mean we’re not gonna see Aaron play much or any of the first string players. That’s a funny name ‘first string players.”

Anyways, it’s not on TV just on the Internet. It’s no fun watching the game on the Internet. You just see a drawing of a football field and these little dots. And then the dots move and that’s supposed to be Jordy — well it won’t be Jordy because he’s first string — or another receiver running down the field.

Oh well, only hafta wait until September 11 until we play those kitty kats. I think they’re called the Jaguars.

Kate, the Packer Pup along with Rose, the other Packer Pup

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We have a friend, her name is Sophia

Anyways, she reads our blog, so me and Rose wanted to say Hi to Sophia.


She goes to middle school. I dunno what middle school is. Like it’s in the middle of the street? Or they only have middle teachers? Or maybe it’s because it’s in the middle of elementary school and high school. That must be it.

See dogs don’t go to school, well we go to training classes when Dee, makes us, but not school. We walk by the school and see all the short two-legged companions running around and yelling and screaming and playing and having fun and then the grownups make the shorter two-legged companions go inside the school and do other stuff. I hope that other stuff is fun too.

Sophia said she likes our blog. Of course she does, who wouldn’t like a blog written by me and Rose. Just a grumpy person that’s all. Oh, Sophia you were selling cupcakes and Dee brought us one home. It was yummy. Thank you

Kate, the cute one

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Dang, That’s a Big Hole

Rose the Irish Setter here. Last week we were camping near Flagstaff, Arizona. The weather was great–nice and cool. I really enjoyed my afternoon nap under the shade of the tall pine trees. The only thing better is my after-dinner nap in the tent. One morning we got up early and Brian and Dee asked us to get in the SUV. This usually means we are going shopping–BORING! (Unless it’s PetSmart or Petco). But not this time. We drove up to something called a National Park. Not sure what National Park means because when we got through the gate Dee complained there were no Parking spaces left. I guess they can’t call it a “National Drive Around and Try to Park.”

Anyways, when we finally parked at the Park, we found out the place was called The Grand Canyon.

We walked on this long path until we got to the edge of this HUGE, HUGE HOLE IN THE GROUND.

First thing I thought of as I looked into the canyon was: Who Dug That Big Hole? I’ve dug some pretty big holes in Dee’s flower garden, but nothin’ like this. It must’ve taken, like, all the dogs in Arizona to make that hole. And what did they do with all the dirt?

Then Dee said the canyon was dug by this little river that was way down at the bottom of the canyon. That didn’t make any sense to me. I just shook my head.

Brian didn’t let me and my friend Kate the Springer Spaniel get too close to the edge because as Brian said, “Kate is a lunatic and might jump over the edge.” “Lunatic” isn’t one of the words I know, but I understood what he meant: Kate does dumb stuff.

So we stayed away from the edge and walked down this nice path that rimmed the canyon. I got tired but I tried not to show it. As I am getting older I’m afraid they are not going to take me on adventures any more. I don’t want to stay home while everyone else has fun. All I have to do is rest for a few minutes, and then I’m ready to go. A trip wouldn’t be much fun without me…

On the path we saw lots of two-legged lunatics leaving the path and going out to the edge–even climbing out on rock ledges so they could take pictures of each other. This made Brian nervous because he was afraid they were going to fall. People have actually fallen off and been killed, Dee said. Brian stayed way, way back from the edge. He looked kinda scared the whole day.

We met lots of people on the trail. There weren’t too many other four-legged companions at the Grand Canyon, so lots of people wanted to meet me and Kate. Mostly me. I never get tired of hearing: “Oh, what a beautiful Irish Setter! Can I pet her?” Kate gets mad when they don’t pay attention to her, but who cares…

Some people asked to take my picture! One even gave me a treat! I like these National Parks. Maybe we can go to another one soon.

So, how did you like the Grand Canyon, my Springer Spaniel friend Kate?
Oh, it was so, so fun Rose. The Canyon was bee-u-teeful! Except when everyone fussed over you. I’m the cutest one after all. And by the way, I’m not a loon-a-tic, whatever that means. I’m just spunky. Wasn’t Dee the one who leaned over the edge to take a picture?

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Beat the Heat

By Rose Hill and Kate Power
It isn’t easy staying cool when summer heat and the humidity seem to climb ever higher. Here the Irish setter and Kate, her English Springer Spaniel sister, provide some tips on keeping your canine companion cool.

I mean we don’t sweat, except on our paw pads. See two-legged companions sweat all over — which is kinda gross but after all they’re just humans. Dogs cool down by panting. So if you see us panting really hard it’s time to stop and cool off.

While you’re sitting there having a picnic, reading or just relaxing at the park, think about us. We need shade. Stretch a beach towel between two chairs and we can sit under the towel for shade. Or bring an umbrella — the kind that fastens onto a chair — and angle it so we have some shade.

Unless your canine companion has a really thick coat, the answer is no. See you may think that we feel hot in our fur coats, cause you’d feel hot wearing a fur coat. But it doesn’t work like that. Our coat helps us regulate our body temperature. The fur traps cooler body-temperature air next to our skin. If you hafta trim us down leave at least an inch of fur so we don’t get sunburned. Yes, dogs can get sunburned.

Fill a cheap kiddie pool with fresh water and put it in the shade. When your dog gets hot she can cool off quick. Change the water every couple of days. Toss in some empty water bottles so they float in the water. It’s fun to chase the bottles. Or balls, or even treats like blueberries. See ya hafta go diving for the blueberries and that cools us off.

Okay so you’re not throwing in the towel you’re laying a wet towel on the ground or patio for your pooches to lay on and get cool. Course if they get bored they can always play tug-o-war with the towel. Kinda acts like dental floss for our teeth.

Rose Hill is a 12 year old Irish setter who was born in Bakersfield CA. Her hobbies include sink diving and counter surfing. Kate Power is a 10 year old, tri-color, English springer spaniel born in Tombstone, AZ. She loves to chase lights and shadows and stay as close as possible to her two-legged companions. Read their blog at Rose and Kate They are the proud authors of “Rose and Kate Unleashed: Observations, Advice and Humor from Two Very Opinionated Dogs.” They live with their two legged companions, Brian Hill and Dee Power.

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Kate Goes Schwimming in the Ocean

As you know if you read my blog. I love birds. Chasing them that is. In Arizona where we live, I’ve gone after quail, mockingbirds, duckies–actually, anything that flies I chase. Anyways we drove all the way up to a place called OrryGone on vacation to this awesome beach.

My two-legged companions let me wade into the water on our walks every day, but they were afraid to let me off the leash. They said I would run off and not come back.

But I always come back. They said there might be sharks in the water like the movie “The Shallows” that they saw before we left on our beach vacation. Dee thought the movie was very scary. Brian mostly talked about somebody named Blake Lively that was in the movie. Maybe she played the shark.

Sheesh, I thought. That was Hollywood. It’s all fake. I mean look at that new movie the “Secret Life of Pets”. Dogs are way more thoughtful and complex than the movie shows. The producers should have interviewed me and Rose the Irish Setter when they were makin’ the movie. They coulda won A Cadamee Award or somethin’. I mean, if dogs can blog they can prob’ly write screenplays.

Let me get back to my actual topic. At the OrryGone beach, there were these big clumsy white birds that are called SeeGulls. I think they’re named that because you See ‘em all over the beach. Every morning at first light I saw the SeeGulls cracking open the crabs that had washed up during the night and eating the yummy meat. This was really frustrating. Rose and Me were dreaming of an All U Can Eat Crabfest and by the time we got there, all that was left was shells.

So, one evening I decided I was going to get rid of these SeeGulls so I could enjoy fresh crab for breakfast. When we went down to the beach at sunset, Dee let go of my leash for just a moment–that’s all it takes–I am one fast, fast Springer my friends–and I was sprinting down to the water as fast as I could go.

I chased the SeeGulls away from the shoreline and then dove in after the ones that were hovering above the water. Dee and Brian and Rose came running after me. It felt great when the waves rolled over me–cold, but great. After a few minutes I could see they were worried about me, so I came out of the water. I felt so refreshed…it’s awesome scwimming in the ocean. There’s all these fishy smells. And you feel the power of the waves. I felt kinda small out there. But wait, I am small.

Dee didn’t look too happy with me when I got out. I was soaking wet and noticed how cold the air was getting. I started shivering. Then the humiliation came. We walked up the stairs from the beach to the campground where we were staying. She got her hair dryer and took me into the ladies bathroom to dry me off. Women came in and saw what she was doing and laughed. There was a sign that said “no dogs in the restroom”, but I’m a Dog Who Blogs, not just a dog, so I do believe I was exempt from that silly rule.

I was very, very wet so it took a long time to dry me off. Dee looked irritated–that means pissed–when we got back to the tent. I snuggled under the blanket and tried to not draw attention to myself.

But then Dee and Brian talked about how fun it was to see me schwimming in the ocean. After all, I did come back to them.

I did good.

Kate, the Swift One who LOVES the Beach in OrryGone

Why it’s called OrryGone, a poem by Rose the Irish Setter

The hot weather’s gone…
The thorny cactus is gone…
The sand is gone…

My paws don’t get burned on the pavement…
I can play outside all day…

It could also be called OrryGreen.

Because it is so lovely and green everywhere.
I loved the soft cool sand on the beach in OrryGone.
I loved the shade of the forests.
Why again, Brian and Dee, do we live in the desert?

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Keep Those Canines Cool

KEEP THOSE CANINES COOL: Part One By Rose Hill and Kate Power

They don’t call it the dog days of summer for nothing. Rose, the Irish setter and Kate, her English springer spaniel sister, provide some tips on beating the heat.

Okay you know never to leave your four-legged companion in the car even if the windows are cracked. Right? So I don’t hafta tell you that. It gets really, really hot, really, really fast in a car. Think of it as a solar oven. The metal heats up and the glass doesn’t let the heat escape. The inside of a car can reach 120 degrees in 20 minutes when the temperature outside is only 80 degrees. Us dogs can’t deal with 120 degrees, we can’t deal with 100 degrees for more than a few minutes. So don’t leave us in the car… period, or we’ll end up crossing the rainbow bridge.

Always take water for your dog. Our two-legged companion keeps a gallon jug of water in the car all the time. That way if we get stuck in traffic or are out longer than expected, there’s water for us. There are these fancy collapsible water dishes you could take on a hike or walk or do what we do. Take a zipped locked baggie full of water. It’s cheap and easy to drink from. Water bottles don’t really work for us puppy pals. Most of the water ends up on the ground. And it’s hard to swallow when the water is coming down to us instead of us lapping it up. If you’re thirsty, we’re thirsty. Actually we get thirstier faster than you do.

Feel the pavement with your hand. If your hand gets an owie from the hot pavement, our paws do too. Walk or hike in the early morning before the sun has a chance to heat up the sidewalks and streets. You could go for a walk at night too, but there could be scary stuff out there like joggers. Sand and rocks heat up fast too, so think about that when you’re taking your best canine friend to the beach or lake.

Cool us down from the bottom up. Have you noticed that when dogs get hot at like, say, the dog park, they put their paws in the water and then lay down in the water or mud? Well except for Kate, she dunks her head in the water and blows bubbles. Anyways. Take a spray bottle of water with you when you go for walks, hikes or camping and spray our paw pads, chest and tummies, as well as our head and back.

You might think that dumping ice water on your dog would cool them down fast right? Wrong. Not a good idea. That huge change in temperature can be harmful to us. Cool water is okay, ice water no. Course if your dog is hot you can give them an ice cube to chew. Rose likes to chew on ice. Me, not so much. I don’t like ice cubes in my water bowl either and fish them out. Kinda makes a mess which is fun.

Rose Hill is a 12 year old Irish setter who was born in Bakersfield CA. Her hobbies include sink diving and counter surfing. Kate Power is a 10 year old, tri-color, English springer spaniel born in Tombstone, AZ. She loves to chase lights and shadows and stay as close as possible to her two-legged companions. Read their blog at Rose and Kate They are the proud authors of “Rose and Kate Unleashed: Observations, Advice and Humor from Two Very Opinionated Dogs.” They live with their two legged companions, Brian Hill and Dee Power.

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Why I Love Camping, Part I, by Kate

Because campsites have Pic-A-Nic tables that are easy for a springy springer spaniel like me to climb up on and steal stuff. You go from the benches where two-legged companions sit to the place the food is, in no time at all. On our last camping trip, to Cally Fornia, I learned all about this. Cally Fornia is one state over from ArryZonia where we live.

Dang, I wish I had figured this out sooner. We’ve gone on like ten camping trips and I coulda scored lots of good stuff. Anyways, Dee poured herself a glass of wine and set it on the table. She went into the tent for a moment, so I hopped onto the bench, then right onto the table. I lapped up several sips of the wine before she got back and scolded me.

I don’t really like wine, I just like getting into trouble and giving Dee a hard time. I’ve always thought she secretly enjoys that I am a little bit naughty. So I try to make her happy.

I have this face I can make anytime I want, where I look ashamed but inside I’m laughing and promising myself I’ll do it again.

So I did, at our next camp, at a beach in Orrygone, one state up from Cally Fornia. It was really cool! Brian set out the four hot dogs they were going to have for dinner out on a plate on the Pic-A-Nic table. My mouth began to water when I saw those plump, juicy things. The guy in the neighboring campsite came over and invited Brian over for a drink. He hurried over to the guy’s campsite. He likes drinks, I guess. He forgot he left the hot dogs there on the Pic-A-Nic table. First, I made sure Big ‘Ol Rose the Irish Setter was asleep in the tent.

She’s tall enough to reach the table without jumping on the bench, so I had to make sure she didn’t see the yummy hot dogs. She and I are buddies, but not when it comes to food.

Then I made my move. Hop to the bench, hop to the table, grab two of the hot dogs and then eat them before Brian gets back. When he did, he couldn’t even get very mad at me. He knew I was doing what he calls in-stink in dogs. “Natural In-stink” he says. I don’t know why he calls it that, because I smell good.

Anyways, I left two hot dogs for Dee and Brian. I’m a good girl, yanno.

I joined Brian over at the neighbor’s campsite and noticed they left an open bag of potato chips on the ground next to their cooler. I didn’t even have to jump to snag those…

Kate the Happy Camper
Reporting from a beach in someplace called Orrygone.

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Preview of Camping at the Beach

Rose and Kate hiking

When you’ve been around as long as we have, you wanna share what you learned with young pups and especially humans, who need all the help they can get, I tell ‘ya. So, Dee and Brian told us that we are going on a big adventure to California, near Pismo Beach, in a couple of weeks. And we will be camping right on the beach! We’ll drive onto the beach and pitch our tent right in the sand. That sounds really exciting!

But canines worry because our two-legged companions don’t always plan these adventures out as well as they should. We’re worried that they may park the SUV too close to the water’s edge. When we’ve been to the beach before, we’ve noticed that the water climbs up the beach part of the day then goes back down part of the day. I think it’s called tides. Something about the moon, we think. We thought the moon was just there for us small wolves to howl at. But anyways.

We hope Brian and Dee noticed this tide thingie, too, and we don’t park too close to the shore when the tide rolls in. Otherwise, we see this adventure going kinda this way…

As the scene begins, Rose and Kate are sitting on the beach in the evening, watching with fascination as Brian and Dee run out of the tent and into the surf, as their SUV is swept away into the water.

Kate: Why is our SUV drifting into the water, Rose?

Rose: Tide’s coming in, SUV’s going out. Pretty simple.

Kate: It looks like they’re chasing it. Should we help them?

Rose: No way. There’s sharks out there and you look like a tasty baby seal.

They continue to watch as Brian and Dee reach the SUV.

Rose: Any idea why Brian and Dee are climbing on top of the SUV?

Kate: Dunno…it’s too late at night to go for a boat ride.

Rose: Now they jumped back into the water and are swimming back to shore.

Kate: Guess we won’t be going anywhere in the morning. I was hoping to keep riding up the coast and seeing those Redwood trees Brian told us about.

Brian and Dee get out of water and sit on the beach, exhausted, as the SUV continues to be pulled out to sea.

Kate: Hey Rose, you wanna walk up to Shell Beach and check in at the Cliff’s Resort?

Rose: Great idea, Kate. They are very dog friendly over there. Dee told me they even have a special menu for dogs. I want to try the Woof Woof Boeuf–Steak, Eggs & Hashbrowns. How yummy does that sound!

Kate: You think they’ll have a room for us? It is summertime.

Rose: Don’t worry, we’re famous canine authors, yanno. I’m sure they’ll welcome us. Maybe we could paw-tograph some copies of our book, Rose and Kate Unleashed

Kate: But what about Brian and Dee? We should at least have room service bring them some dinner to the tent.

Rose: What a nice thing for us to do, Kate! They aren’t going anywhere. They’ll be waiting and hoping for the SUV to wash back to shore.

Kate: Think that will happen?

Rose: Nope.

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How to Start a Be-Utiful Day of Camping

Kate the springer spaniel here. Lemme tell ‘ya about the wonderful morning I had a few days ago when we were camping in a forest. Right after sunup I got Brian up to let me out of the tent so I could pee. He put me on this long leash attached to the pick-a-nick table.

While he was making tea, a squirrel had the nerve to run right through our camp, past me. I really wanted to chase that squirrel! I pulled really hard on the leash and something awesome happened. My collar broke off and I was free!

Free! I ran and ran after that squirrel!

It was so fun! Like running free in the dog park but the forest is a bazillion times bigger and doesn’t smell so much like poop. I like the smell of pine trees much better than the smell of poop. I looked back and saw Brian running after me. I was pleased to see him exercising rather than just sitting there drinking tea. He called for me to come back. Not a chance. I kept going as fast as my legs could carry me. I wanted Brian to get in at least a half-mile run before I came back. When I did run back to him, he was so happy to see me. It made me happy, too!

So we all had fun, got some morning exercise, and later Dee bought me a pretty new pink collar. A good morning, that one. ‘Cept I didn’t catch the squirrel. He just looked like a gray rat with a bushy tail anyway. Not sure what I’d do with him if I caught him.

Kate, the Happy Camper. Blogging from Payson, Arizona

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We Go to Prescott AZ

We have been camping at Lynx Lake. We’re gonna be doing a lot of camping. Instead of just snoozing around the campsite … which is fine with me … Dee and Brian decided to go into Prescott. They can’t leave us by ourselves in the tent. Boy would I howl if they did. So me and Rose went too.

Prescott is funny. It spreads out for miles and miles with many house and peoples, but the part of the city that everybodies go to is “Historic District.”

It was kinda fun. It’s always fun when peoples stop and tell me how cute I am, or ask to pet me.

We walked up and down a street called Whiskey Row. I guess it’s kinda famous or something. I dunno. Anyways. There were lots of shops. We found one for dogs so we went inside and the lady gave us treats and a drink of water.

There was a courthouse with lots of flappy things on poles. The courthouse had a big, big grassy lawn and a big, big list of rules. No camping. Like we’re gonna camp next to a courthouse. No bicycles. No skates. No skateboards. No getting on the nice soft green grass. No dogs on the courthouse steps … go figure that one out. No nothing.

Another funny thing is only a couple of the restaurants had outside patios. Lots and lots of restaurants but hardly any patios. Patios are important. See we sit very quietly … most of the time … on the patio of a restaurant while Dee and Brian eat. We’re not allowed inside the restaurant because of more rules. Do Brian gets lunch and we took it over to a bench by the courthouse. and ate.

I don’t think Prescott likes dogs too much.

Kate, the cute one

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