Brand new dogs blog!

This is a brand new blog from Kate, that’s me, I’m a cute English Springer Spaniel, and my big sister Rose, she’s an Irish Setter. I couldn’t find her picture. She can find it when she blogs, I’m too busy.

We’re excited about telling you what’ s going on in our lives – you are interested aren’t you? I mean why wouldn’t you be, we’re the best dogs in the world, at least that’s what Brian and Dee our two legged companions say.

Anyways. Today I got a bath. Personally I didn’t think I needed one. I mean I was only a little bit dirty just around my paws. But I got one anyway. Got all wet and soapy. At least Dee used the no tears puppy shampoo.

And since I got a bath, that reminded Dee that Rose should get a bath. Rose does not like baths and she blamed me for it. She said if I wasn’t dirty then she wouldn’t have gotten a bath too. So she chased me all around the house. It wasn’t my fault.

Kate, the cute one

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