It’s better to be big

I’m an Irish Setter and I’m bigger than Kate. Kate is just a runty – no really she is a runt for a springer spaniel, they’re supposed to weigh like 50 pounds and Kate only weight 35 pounds – Kate’s just a runty English Springer Spaniel. She is cute and she knows it too. But I’m bigger. Irish Setters are bigger than Springer Spaniels and bigger is better.

I can reach the kitchen counters and get the left overs. Kate can’t do that.

I can push open the back door. Kate can’t do that.

I can eat out of the dirty pans in the kitchen sink. Kate can’t do that.

I can knock over the pizza dude when he delivers. Kate can’t do that. Kate can help eat the pizza when it’s all over the floor but I guess that’s okay for a little squint.

Rose, the Irish Setter

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