It’s lovely to be little

Little is so lovely. And being a petite size English Springer Spaniel is the best. See I’m big enough that people treat me like a real dog, not like a stuffed toy. Nobody’s gonna carry me around in their purse like those whatchacallits, ummm the skinny itty bitty dogs that shiver when you look at them too hard, you know, the one that Paris Hilton person has?

Little means I fit on the bed, even under the covers if I want.

Little means I can hide under the chair in the living room and then when Rose, she’s the Irish Setter, goes by, whooooosh I jump out and bite her ear. Irish Setters are supposed to have these long lovely ears but for some reason, Rose can’t get hers to grow out.

Little means if I look really really sad, I practice in front of the mirror but don’t tell anybody, I get more food in my bowl. Cause I’m skinny anyway.

Little is lovely and much better than bigger. Are ya listening Rose?

Kate, the English Springer Spaniel
Rose and Kate’s website only it should be called Kate and Rose’s.

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