Best Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

So, like yanno that my two legged companions are writers…. They write about a bunch of stuff, like (the DS CE would change that to such as)  gardening – I like to garden I like to dig in the garden, mostly digging up the carrots – anyways.  They write about business planning — I have no idea what that is and don’t wanna know.  They write about other stuff and food. Brian writes about golf.

Today Dee was writing about gifts for people who love dogs.  I told her it should be all food.  She likes food.  I like food.  So it should be food.  Like snacks for dogs, treats for dogs, dinners for dogs.  She said that it wasn’t a gift for the dog but for the two legged companion of the dog.

Rose, the hungry one.

PS. They also write books, reports and screenplays.  I’m in one of the screenplays called “Dog Magic.” Kate’s in it too.  Well she’s not actually in it but the dog is an English Springer Setter so Kate tells everybody she’s the star. That’s us in the photo getting ready to go to Hollywood.

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