Your Dog Needs a Vacation too

Going On Vacation and Can’t Take Fido? How To Give Your Dog Some Rest And Relaxation, Too!

Woof! The great people from are here with us today to share their experience on what to do with your pup while his or her two legged companions are relaxing on the beach! From bunking with relatives to staying at a pet boarding center on our vacation, it’s important that we have fun while our family is on vacation. They’re also the makers of delicious (and healthy!) Dog Gift Baskets, which we can’t wait to tear open! Oh, they have Gourmet Gift Baskets for our two legged companions, too, and we hear they’re quite good!

Rose and Kate

Vacations are just so wonderfully relaxing, aren’t they? Sticking your toes into the sand, not setting an alarm, doing whatever you’d like – but wait, what about Fido?! Is he sitting at home while a pet sitter checks in on him, or perhaps at your mother’s house, wishing he was on vacation like you!

Dogs are very loyal companions, and as you’ve seen after coming home from a long day at work, are just so happy to greet you and be around you. So when you leave for a week-long vacation and leave your dog at home, your dog is greatly missing the people he cares about most. Here’s some ways to ensure your dog keeps that happy grin on his or her face while you’re away!

Relatives: One of the most common options is to leave your favorite canine companion with relatives. This is one of the most cost-effective routes, but there are downsides. Be sure the relative does have dog care experience, and is home long enough during the day to be responsible for and properly care for your pooch. Also, make sure you can confidently say you have a stable, good relationship with them – we’ve heard quite a few stories about the dog tearing up the mother-in-law’s couch, and strained family relationships as a result! Bring your dog’s usual food, treats, and specific care instructions over your relative’s home to keep your dog on his or her diet.

Pet Sitters: Pet sitters are common in many cities, and are men and women with dog care experience who either stay in your home and watch your pet(s) while you’re away, or will check in at specific times each day to take your pet to the bathroom, out for a walk, feed your dog, and etc. You can do a simple Google search for pet sitters in your city. You’ll want to ask them for a list of references, and personally contact each reference to check in and be sure they’re as qualified as they say they are. Most pet sitters are responsible, but hey, you never know! Have them over to meet your pet and talk with you, and observe how comfortable your pet is with them. This is vital in ensuring your dog works well with the pet sitter while you’re away on vacay! Pet sitter prices range from package deals to hourly rates, and as long as they’re reputable and responsible, are worth every penny.

Pet Boarders: We’re not talking about ordinary pet kennels here.  Pet boarders are like a vacation resort for your pup, featuring lots of green space, a pool usually, dog play equipment, and expert dog trainers and groomers. Some even call themselves “pet resorts”! Sure, they’re certainly not cheap, but you can rest assured knowing that your dog is well cared for, having the time of his life with other dogs, and enjoying his vacation, as well! Of course, you’ll also want to check their references and personally visit the pet boarding center with your dog. Look to see what kind of sleeping arrangements the dogs have, as you want to be sure your dog has a large enough space to feel comfortable in. Take a look at the number of staff present, and if there’s enough to properly watch over all the dogs, as well as the manner in which they work with the dogs.

Whether it’s a relative you trust or a reputable pet boarder, you need to feel comfortable with the person(s) you’re leaving your pooch with while you’re away. If you have the slightest hesitation, choose a different option! You need to feel confident with your decision in order to have a relaxing vacation, and taking the time to research all of your options will go a long way. Now, go and enjoy your vacation, while Fido also enjoys his!

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