All of a sudden WHAM!

Me and Rose were going for our morning walk with our two legged companions. I love our morning walks. I get to smell new smells and see stuff outside our backyard. Anyways. We were just walking and all of a sudden, WHAM, this big dog comes running out of his house as fast as his paws will carry him. And he’s barking. Not a hello-how-are-you-doing bark. Oh no! This was a I’m-going-bite-you-in-the-butt bark.

And he almost did. Nobody bites me. I’m the cute one. I didn’t know what to do. So I went behind Rose. She’s my bestest Irish Setter friend. Rose stood up and looked at the big dog.

And then Dee yelled. She yelled really, REALLY, REALLY LOUD: NO, NO, NO. And you know what? The other dog stopped.

And then his two legged companion came out and grabbed him and told him he was a bad dog. But he wasn’t a bad dog. He just needs some manners. And so does his two legged companion.


Kate, the cute one.

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