I don’t need no rooster

I wake up at first light.  Yanno when it’s just starting to get light but the sun isn’t up yet?  Anyways.  I don’t know why my two legged companions want to stay in bed and sleep.  So I figured out ways to get them up.  First I jump on the bed and then off. Then on and then off.  Then on and then off.  If that doesn’t work then I scratch my ears and shake my head.  That makes the tags on my collar jingle.  Usually Dee wakes up and tells me to go “night night.”  But I’ve already been “night night.”  I was “night night” for the whole night and now it’s time to get up.  So I put my nose under Brian’s hand.  If he pets me, and he always always does, then I gently put my paw on his hand to ask for more.  I tap his hand with my paw and he pets me more.

And that’s how I get my two legged companions up in the morning. I get so happy with a brand new day.

Kate, the cute one.

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