I Love Aunt Dawn’s

Me and my bestest friend, Rose, went to see Aunt Dawn. She lives in California and it was a long drive. First we went to the dog park to run and run. Then Brian and Dee packed the car. Then Rose got in the car then me. It’s hard for me because I get so excited I just can’t keep still.

Anyways. Dee drove and drove. And we stopped for a potty break and drink of water. It was hot cause we, me and rose, weren’t allowed in the rest stop where the shade was.

Then Brian drove and drove. Then Dee drove. Finally, after getting lost at the top of the mountain, Aunt Dawn came to get us and lead us to her house. And guess what?

Brandy, her rottweiler, and Annie were there. Annie is a mixed up dog, yanno, a dog that has more than one kind in her. I remember Brandy and she remembered me.

We went for a long walk and then swimming at the lake by Aunt Dawn’s.

Kate, the cute one

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