We went to the bestest place

Me and Kate went to the bestest place today. It was better than going to the dog park. It was better than hiking. It was even better than going to the lake. Wanna know where we went? To Spike’s Treats in Fountain Hills.  It’s by the lake where we try to catch the ducks.

They had treats, lots and lots of treats. Cookie treats, bone treats and we got to meat, I mean meet, the Halo lady. Her name was Brooke. She had red hair like me only lighter. She gave us even more treats. The freeze-dried chicken treat in the store and biscuits to take home. I don’t know why they call it freeze-dried. It wasn’t even cold.

We love Halo. Our favorite is Spot’s Stew Chicken.  You can get coupons for discounts. We get it every day. Dee, our two legged companion cooks the other meal for us.

Halo is yummy for the tummy. We used to eat that other dog food, yanno the kind with the yucky stuff in it called meal? There’s chicken meal, and lamb meal and fish meal, but it’s all yucky. Look up on the web how they make meal and you’ll know what we mean.

Anyways, today was a good day for dogs. Oh. If you have a dog give them Halo. They make it for cats too, but I’m not exactly sure what a cat is.

Rose, the Irish Setter
Kate, the cute one.

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