Spike’s Treats to The Rescue

It’s still hot. Too hot.  Our pawsie pads get burnt on the blacktop in the parking lot. But we got to go to this really cool pool party at Spike’s Treats. If you look really really close you can see I’m trying to take the rubber duckies out of the pool. I have a white one in my mouth.

We tried going to the Splash Park at the Fountains but it’s for kids only.  We didn’t know that.  I mean, for one thing the sign is up really high so we can’t see it. And they were having so much fun.  Anyways.  It’s okay for kids.  But Spike’s Treats Pool Party is better.

We got to meet Bella, she’s a really pretty all black Great Dane Puppy, and Jake or Jacob.  He’s a beige Great Dane puppy.  I know dogs are supposed to be color blind, but we can sense color in other ways.

We got our pawsie’s cooled off in the pools.  If you gotta a dog, you gotta go to Spike’s Treats.  Don’t tell anybody but your canine friend, but they have treats and cookies on  a table right by the front door.  Nobody noticed I took one.

Rose, the Irish Setter

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