Dogs Rule

Dogs rule. From Puppies from New York to Pooches from Wisconsin to Canines from California. It’s just that simple. Think about it. I don’t have to worry about my breakfast cause Dee, my two legged companion, gets it for me and dinner? Well Brian, my other two legged companions gets it every evening. And it’s not just dog food either. Nope. I get chicken and potatoes, or meatloaf and carrots and rice, or pork roast and sweet potatoes. If it sounds like people food that’s because it is.

I have a comfy bed and I get to sleep on the chairs, sofa, and bed if I want. I don’t have to work, but me and Rose, she’s my bestest bestest friend, she’s an Irish Setter, make sure the birds stay out of our yard. And of course we tell everybody when there’s a rabbit out front or the Poufy dog is walking by. Rose does that mostly by barking.

Nothing to complain about with our pack. Except maybe, well I don’t like getting my nails clipped. I saw this thing on TV. yeah I watch TV. I like the cooking shows the best and then NFL football. Anyways I saw this thingie on TV called pedipaw Anyways. It looked pretty cool. Not a clipper but it went round and round and filed the nails. The canine they were using the pedi paws looked like he was having fun. I bet he got treats afterward too.

Now if I could just dial the phone, I already know where the credit cards are.

Kate, the cute one

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