Me and Kate and the Little One

Our bestest little two legged companion spent the night with us. She slept right by us. I had to get up and check on her during the night. Then I got everybody up at first light. Yanno first light before the sun comes up? It’s the best part of the day during the summer.

We had breakfast and then the little one gave us some of her bacon. And she gave me a strawberry. I love strawberries. Kate doesn’t so much. We all went to the dog park. That was kinda funny in the car because Kate and I have harnesses that get attached to the seat belts and the little one has a special seat for the car. It got put in the middle of Kate and me. She has a harness in the seat too. So we were all strapped in.

When we got to the dog park it was still cool. So we ran and ran and ran. The little one, me, and Kate.

Me and Kate have decided to keep the little one. She can come back anytime.

Rose, the Irish Setter

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