The Fur Flies

and it gets on everything, the sofa, the floor, the bed, the tables, everything. But it’s not mine. Nope. I know this because I just have red fur, beautiful soft red fur and the fur that’s everywhere is black and white.

You know who is black and white (and brown, she has three colors, like she’s always telling me, who needs three colors when you have red, anyways)? It’s Kate, the English Springer Spaniel. I don’t know what that puppy girl does to get her fur all over the place. Dee, my two legged companion has to use a neat dog hair vacuum to clean it all up.

Kate gets a bath and gets brushed and brushed, but she still gets her fur all over. I get brushed too, I like that but I don’t like the bath. I have to be in this little tiny room and the floor is slippery and I can hardly turn around. Dee says it’s called a bathtub. I don’t care what you call it I don’t like it.

Kate gets a bath more often because she’s little and closer to the ground so she gets dirty faster. Not me. I’m a big girl. I don’t get as dirty. But when Kate gets a bath it reminds Dee I should get one too. After I get finished with the bath I chase Kate around the house cause if she didn’t get so dirty then I wouldn’t have to get a bath.

Rose, the Irish Setter

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