Is dinner ready?

I love food. I love homemade food, food I steal, food from the counter, food on a plate. I once ate an entire pizza while my two legged companions watched the Green Bay Packers on TV. They didn’t even know it until they went to put the leftovers away and the box was empty.

Feeding a healthy girl like me isn’t cheap. And Kate my English Springer Setter Sister likes to eat too. We help Dee by finding Dog food coupons on the Internet. What you don’t think we can use the Internet? We’re blogging and we have our own website, so yeah we cruise the World Wide Web.

Me and Kate will eat any kind of dog food but our two legged companions are kinda fussy about what they buy. They don’t like the stuff that has meat by products or yucky stuff. Those kinds of dog food they like for us costs more so any Dog food coupons help save money. When they save money they can buy treats, chewie bones, more treats and toys.

I like peanut butter bones. Yanno you put some peanut butter inside a bone. Katie likes them too. She likes the tomato crackers more. Dee makes those for us. They’re just whole wheat flour, tomato paste, canola oil and a little water.

For some reason I’m getting really really hungry. I gotta go check my bowl to see if there’s any leftover breakfast. Or maybe I’ll go into the closet and see if Brian left any treats in his jeans pockets.

Rose, the Irish Setter

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