I Like to Hike

I Like to Hike
By Rose, the Irish Setter

Up the trail we go, as fast as paws can carry.
The day is young. There is no time to tarry.
The sun is warm upon my fur and nose.
I hike with Kate, the bestest friend of Rose.

The breeze is sweet with flowers’ smell.
Hiding in the bush and brush I can tell.
Are rabbit, birds and javelinas.
Dancing like happy ballerinas.

I stopped along the trail to rest
And then what happened next was best
A man approached, dark and tall, at least six feet.
He took out a bag from his pocket filled with treats.

My mom said yes and so we ate.
those yummy treats for me and Kate.
Tired now from hill and dale.
Down the path we sail.

Three women were at the end and finished.
They said the population of setters had diminished.
On this beautiful day so warm and fair
An Irish setter seems to be rare.

I like to hike.

By Rose, the Irish Setter

PS that’s me and Kate at the top of Lost Dog Trail, part of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve Trails. Oh and the lady who hands out the maps and stuff was really nice too.

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