We’re burning daylight

Time to get up.  Time to get going.  The sun isn’t up yet but we are.  See, me and Rose work together to get our two legged companions up in the morning.  The earlier the better.

First Rose gets off her chair and rubs against the bed.  Then she puts her head on Brian’s pillow.  If that doesn’t work she gets on the bed and puts her paw on Brian’s head.

My job is to jump off the bed, jump on the bed, jump off the bed, jump on the bed. Then I’ll take my paw and gently tap one of them on the arm. Off the bed and shake my head so the collar tags rattle,then jump on the bed and off the bed, jump on the bed then jump off the bed.

Rose keeps bumping the bed on the sides. It always works and then it’s breakfast time.

Kate the cute one.

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