It’s a club — for pets!

Okay, so I had to go to the vet today.  I don’t much like it.  I like the vet tech.  She was nice.  She petted me and told me how pretty I was and then stuck the butt thingie in.  So no big deal. I do have a little owie ear but I got medicine for that.

Since I was such a good girl, my two-legged companion said I got to go to this new place called Pet Club. WOW!  No make that a BOW WOW!  I love that place. Treats on the right. Treats on the left.  Treats up high and down low.  Treats where I can munch on them. Kevin, he works there, said Pet Club is a candy store for dogs.  He must have a dog because he’s right.

Marissa has dark long hair like me.  She works there too.  I mean how can they call it work when there’s all this wonderful to stuff to eat all around. She said I was pretty.  I told her “right back atcha, ” but I don’t think she understood.  She gave me lovies and I gave her lovies.

Anna explained that the food was wholeistic.  I think she meant it was wholelotta yummy.  There were so many kinds. Raw food — does catching a bird in the backyard count as raw food — or would that be a live food.  I dunno. Anyways. There were big bags, little bags, cans, jars, frozen food, a wholelotta food.  I love food. Not as much as my bestest friend Rose, the Irish setter, but I love food.

Do you remember when Rose met that big, huge, gigantic, tremendous, giant of a four legged companion?  I think it was called a “horse”? They have horse food at Pets Club! No really they do.  I don’t understand why horses eat it.  I mean it kinda smells like grass.

You gotta go to Pet Club.  Really.

Kate, the cute one, who needs to take a nap now.

Is it time for dinner yet?

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