Bison and Veggie Bites and Treats

So we were taking our walk and these two nice ladies who live on Palomino Street in Fountain Hills were in their driveway.  They’re nice because they said I was pretty and because, well I’ll get to that in a minute.

Anyways.   The two nice ladies said they were sisters.  Me and Rose are sisters, at least that’s what Dee, our two legged companion says, but me and Rose don’t look alike.  I have three colors and she just has boring red.  The two ladies looked kinda alike.

One of them asked if we could have treats — that’s the second reason they’re nice.  Those treats were YUMMY!  She said that her daughter was a wholeistic vet.  I know what vet is, but I’m not sure what whole-istic means.  Maybe it’s taking care of the whole dog and not just the owie parts???  Her daughter is Dr. Becker.  She asked her mom to make some healthy treats and now you can buy them.  You should try Dr Beckers Bites , Rose and I love them.

Oh, now every time we go by the nice ladies house, Rose and me pull our two legged companions over.  I mean you never know.  We could get more yummy treats.

Kate, the cute one.

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