Cookies that crunch back.

Irish setters are always hungry.  I had breakfast, Dee made hamburgers, green beans and rice.  Then Dee and Brian had breakfast and I stole some of their potatoes.  She doesn’t know this but when she put the plates on the counter, one was close to the edge.

What’s a setter supposed to do?  Just leave it there.  Not this Irish girl.  I almost got a piece of bacon too.

So then our two-legged companions said they were going to the Fountain Hills Art Fair  and they would bring us back a treat.  When they came back  I knew just where the treat was — in Brian’s pocket.  I followed him all around ’cause I was hoping he’d change into jeans and leave the treat in his pocket.  But nope.  He put it on the shelf above the kitchen counter.  I can’t reach that one.

So this treat was a crunchy cookie from Bone Appetit Bakery.  Only problem was I had to share the cookie with Kate. The cookie was the one in the picture underneath the cat — not sure what a cat is but that’s what Dee said it was — and the gingerbread man.

Rose, the Irish Setter.

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