What is this stuff?

I dunno.  It was raining, you know from the sprinklers in the sky, and all of a sudden our two-legged companions got all excited and started yelling, It’s snowing! It’s snowing! So they put on their stuff to go for a walk but instead went into the backyard.

Snow is cold.  It looks all white and soft but it wasn’t.  Well it was sort a soft and hard at the same time.  Dee picked up some and squished it together in her hand and then said “Ready Rose.”  That means we’re gonna play.  So I ran back and she threw the snow at me.

It looked like a tennis ball only white instead of yellow so I caught it. BIG SURPRISE. The ball squished and there was nothing left of it except snow and then the snow melted and it tasted like guess what? Water.

It was sorta fun.  I love to play. So if they want to play with disappearing water tennis balls it’s okay with me.

Rose, the Irish Setter

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