Dogs, Puppies, Canines, Hounds it’s Paws at the Fountains

Paws at the Fountains is this adoption thingee where the two-legged companions — well they’re not companions yet but they want to be because they want to love a dog — go and find a bestest canine buddy. And they take that bestest canine buddy home with them.  Then they get to be two-legged companions.

So we were walking around. Lots of people like me because I’m a tri-color springer, that means I have three colors not just one like Rose has. Rose is red, period. I’m black and white and brown. Lots of people tell me I’m cute, but I already know that.  While we were there there musta been a hundred dogs. What? You think I can’t count? Well I’m blogging aren’t I? And if I can blog I can count.

There were oodles and oodles of poodles, lots of labs, dozens of danes — well not really, there were only two, but a duo of danes doesn’t sound like much, although that still is a lot of danes if you go by the pound. And boxes of boxers. Only the boxes are called crates. Anyways.

There was one group called Almost Home Boxer Rescue. Boxers are big, bigger ‘n me.  They look scary. They have big jaws and sometimes you can see their teeth outside their mouths. But they’re still dogs.  Which means they need a two-legged companion. Almost Home Boxer Rescue finds forever homes for boxers.

So if you’re looking for a big dog go look at Sally. She likes other dogs and cats. I dunno what a cat is, but Sally likes them.  Or maybe you’d like Bernard.  He likes to have his belly rubbed. I know what that is. Luna is a girl boxer who is white.  She’s just a baby, only 10 months old. Those are just some of the boxers waiting for forever homes. So go get one, then you get to be a two-legged companion.

Kate, the cute one.

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