I like Chuck but I didn’t kiss him.

While we were at Paws at the Fountains, there was this dog named Chuck and if you gave him a buck then you got to kiss him.  I don’t get it.  Why would I give another dog a buck to kiss him? Then the lady explained that all the money that Chuck earned by kissing went to buy food for pets whose companions are having money problems. It’s called Chuck Waggin — get it waggin like a tail waggin? sometimes I have to explain people humor — Pet Food Pantry.

Dee, my two-legged companion took a picture of Chuck but it didn’t come out. She does stuff like that sometimes. Anyways you don’t need a picture to donate to Chuck Waggin Pet Food Pantry. Being hungry is terrible, your belly hurts and you get all jittery and food is the only thing you think about. Don’t let pets go hungry, give them a buck.  NO. Give them many, many bucks, not just one.

Rose, the Irish Setter.

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