Top Facts About Dogs You Didn’t Know

Dogs are one of the most loved household pets on the planet, and it’s rare to find a house that hasn’t owned one past or present. A dog is always the first present on a child’s Christmas wish list, especially after they find out how fun, bubbly, friendly and protective they can be. When it comes to looks, nothing can beat the cuteness of a puppy, and it is a joy to watch them finding their feet around their new home. When they’re young, it’s easy to tire them out too, and just an hour or two of play and adventure will have them snoozing on the sofa in no time.

Dogs have been around for thousands of years, and if the ancient Egyptians were good enough to tolerate them as pets, then it shows just how far they’ve come in our society. Millions of pounds worth of donations are made every year to the RSPCA and dog shelters that look after, feed, clean and maintain our favorite K-9s, so if you’re looking to get one for your family this year, make sure you check these shelters first – every dog needs a home. Because dogs are such interesting creatures, there are many cool facts most people are unaware of. Let’s take a look at some of the best.


Dogs are some of the old domesticated animals on the planet, and can even be traced back to a weasel-like animal called the Miacis that lived over 40 million years ago! Making its home in trees, dens and any type of shrubbery it can find, the element of untidiness has obviously been passed down to our modern-day dogs.

From wolfs to jackals, dogs have a number of similarities to some of the world’s greatest hunters, and if you’ve ever see your dog getting protective over you, then its temper can be quite scary. Dogs were also very loved by their Egyptian owners, and they used to put on entire festivals for the furry animals. When a dog died, their owners used to decorate the body in mud, making it easier for the underworld to accept it through the soft soils of the ground.


When it comes to a dog’s diet, there are a number things that you must watch out for in order to keep them in tip top shape. Firstly, watch what you feed them. Anything from raisins to grapes, and even chocolate, onions and nuts can cause renal failure in dogs.

Additionally, dogs sweat though their feet and my panting. That’s s why you’ll see a dog dip their paws in water to cool off. So always make sure your dog is hydrated well on hot summer days. Never cover up your dog’s feet with ‘fashion accessories’. If you’re ever concerned about your dog’s health, make sure you check up with Vet Medic for expert and friendly advice.

Physical Appearance

One of the most interesting facts about dogs is that their shoulder blades are not attached to the body. Because they are free-moving, this allows for greater flexibility when running and jumping. Furthermore, if dogs are cleaned when they’re first born instead of being given straight to their mother, the mother can reject them. This is because the mother can’t smell the new-birth of her cubs, and believes that they aren’t hers.

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