Me and Kate need your help

Hey listen up! We need your help!. It’s me, Rose the Irish setter and my bestest, bestest buddy friend Kate, the English Springer Spaniel.

Soooo. Why do we need your help? Me and Kate are really lucky — psst don’t tell Dee that — to have a good home, lots of food — wish she would let us eat more — and a comfy bed. Okay like comfy beds all over the house, in Dee’s office, in Brian’s office, by the TV. But there are lots and lots of other pets who don’t. They have two-legged companions who love them but are facing a rough go of it. No food, no home, no bed.

Anyways, I was surfing the net and found this place Pets of the Homeless What you think a dog can’t surf the Internet? If I can blog, I can surf. We — me and Kate — were thinking of helping them. We heard about this viral marketing thingee. Maybe if we told enough people and other pets — we can’t be the only dogs who blog — maybe we could get our two-legged companions to give donations? Or maybe if they don’t want to give to this place, they’ll think about giving to a animal shelter or homeless shelter where they live.

What do you think of does it look like it really helps? Does it help two-legged companions and their fur buddies where you live?

Do you wanna help us help them? Talk it over with your dog or cat — not sure what a cat is exactly — or other furry friend. Maybe we could get a group together to give this a go. You can email me at roseandkate @

So now I have to go remind Dee it’s dinner time. And then nap time. And then playtime. And if I’m really really lucky snack time.

Rose, the Irish setter

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