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So I was reading this article in the New York Times. What? You think I can’t read? If I can blog — I can read. Anyways, this article said that dogs have emotions. Sheesh well of course. I mean you can tell when a dog is happy. We wag our tail up high, lift our paws up and down cause we’re excited and wiggle.

This Gregory Berns person, says he’s a neuroeconomics professor, I guess that means he saves brain power? — did this study where he asked his dogs to go into an M.R.I thingie. M.R.I. stands for magnetic resonance imaging — I looked it up. It’s like this big hollow tube and it makes lots of noise and you have to be absolutely perfectly still for at least 30 seconds. I can do maybe five seconds. It takes pictures of the inside of your body. I wonder if it could tell I stole Dee’s breakfast toast this morning?

Gregory Berns took pictures of the dog’s brains. No it doesn’t hurt. See the dog is in there on its own, no drugs, it’s not restrained. It can leave if it wants to. It does wear ear muffs so the loud banging doesn’t hurt.

What Gregory Berns found was that there’s this part of the brain called the caudate, and it changes when people are thinking about their favorite things like music or food or Green Bay Packer football. And guess what? The same thing happens in dogs. When we think about things we like like food, or food, or food or okay when I think about going for a hike or see Brian when he comes home I get happy. The dogs’ caudate changed just like the people’s.

So that shows we have emotions. Finally humans wise up.

Kate the cute one.

Note from Rose the Irish Setter “You aren’t sticking me in no M.R.I.”

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