Yummies for the Tummy

Chicken and Rice give me energy.

Does this look old to you?

I like food, new food, old food, lizard jerky food — it was a dried up dead lizard but it tasted good and was crunchy — but what I like the best is yummy for my tummy. Dee, my two-legged companion makes almost all our food. My favorite is chicken and rice with peas.

Here’s what she does. She buys chicken on sale. If its the kind without the bones in it she chops it up and then puts about a pound of chicken in a big pot with 4 cups of water. She waits until the water boils and then adds 1 1/4 cup of raw brown rice and one package of frozen peas. Then i have to wait and wait and wait and wait and wait for like 45 whole minutes for the rice to get done. 45 whole minutes is like forever.

This makes about 6 cups of food. She puts 2 1/2 cups on a plate to cool. So I have to wait and wait and wait and wait. Until it’s cool enough to eat. I told her she doesn’t have to wait that long but does she listen? No. And then I have to share with Kate. I only get half of what’s on the plate. Soooooo finally I get my dinner.

Oh, if the chicken was boneless then she puts in a teaspoon of olive oil on each serving.

I get to eat first before Kate does. But you know what? I have to wait again. Because Dee tells me to sit — so I sit — and then she tells me “wait” — no I am not kidding I have to wait — again. But it’s not so bad because like in two seconds she says “Okay” and I know I can eat my dinner. Yeah!

Rose, the Irish Setter

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