I gots me a big bird … well almost.

Kate at the lake

So I thought we were going on a hike yesterday. Me and my bestest friend, Rose, got our harnesses on and got buckled into the back seat. That means we’re either going to the dog park or for a hike. But Brian, our two legged companion put the backpack in the car and that means a hike.

But guess what? We drove and drove and drove and drove. A lot farther than when we go for a hike. We went to the lake instead. I love the lake. I love to chase the lights on the water and the fishies. Rose not so much. She likes to swim. And nap. And steal food.

Anyways. Brian was fixing the shade tent. He put my rope tether under a rock. And then it happened!!!

There was this big bird, really big, like bigger than Rose. Dee, my other two legged companion called it a hairon. I don’t understand why because it had feathers not hair. So it was standing in the water on its long legs. This was my big chance. My tether slipped away from the rock. I ran for that bird as fast as my paws could carry me, which is pretty fast. English springer spaniels run fast.

I almost got it. Almost. But it started to fly across the lake. That didn’t stop me. I dove in the water after it. And I swam as fast as I could. Brian came running after me and went in the water too. And Dee was yelling at me to come back. And Rose was barking.

It was a lot of fun.

Kate, the cute one.

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