Treats Are Everywhere!

We went to this place that had a gazillion treats — no make that a gazillion gazillion treats. There were chewy bone treats, crackers, fishie treats, soft treats, big treats, little treats — treats were everywhere. It was at a place called Pet Expo and it was extra fun. The treats were from dog groomers, dog trainers, pet stores and pet food companies.

Besides treats we got toys and lots of people saying how cute I was. So Okay lots of people went Oooh look an Irish Setter. And then Rose would wag her tail. Course Rose only has one color and I have three because I’m a tricolor English Springer Spaniel.

I saw Shorty too. Yaknow the Shorty on the TV show called Pit Boss? It’s one of my favorite shows to watch. I like the way Shorty runs after the dogs and catches them so they’ll be safe. He had his four-legged companion with him. His name was Hercules.

Anyways they had this thing called agility training. It looked like sooooo much fun. You get to jump over stuff and go through stuff and run really fast and go through a tunnel and this thingie that had a board and you walked up the board and then the board tipped down and you ran down the board. I wanted to try it so I started to howl. See that way the people would let me in and I could try it. I howled really loud, but it didn’t work. Dee, my two-legged companion said she’d see if I could join an agility class.

Kate the cute one

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