Monthly Archives: June 2014

It was Kate’s fault I had to have a bath.

See Kate get dirty and stinky — well I don’t think she’s stinky — but Dee our two-legged companion does. So she gives Kate a bath. For some reason that reminds Dee that I need a bath too. Even if … Continue reading

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Bagels and cream cheese!

So we went for a long walk all the way up to DJ’s Bagel Cafe. See we’re getting our two-legged companions ready to travel with us. They have to learn how to order enough food for us too, not just … Continue reading

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Yeah I like kale

Crisp green crunchy kale. I like it raw. I like the way the stems get caught in my teeth. I like the little fringey leaves. I like that I can steal Kate’s kale leave. Our two-legged companions gives us kale, … Continue reading

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I like TV, Golf and the Green Bay Packers

Some people think dogs can’t watch TV. While if we can’t see the screen on the TV how can we blog? Mmmmm? I like to watch golf. I try to chase the ball with my paw. I like cooking shows … Continue reading

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