Bagels and cream cheese!

Rose and Kate

Rose and Kate waiting for bagels.

So we went for a long walk all the way up to DJ’s Bagel Cafe. See we’re getting our two-legged companions ready to travel with us. They have to learn how to order enough food for us too, not just them. We had a sausage and cheese omelet, fruit and bagels with cream cheese. Yummy.

And this nice couple came over and told me, Kate, how pretty I was. They had a English Springer Spaniel too, but they had to leave him — his name is Riley — at home cause they were visiting their grandmother. Anyways, they said I was beautiful, course I know that cause I have three colors.

We told them about the Verde River and how much fun it is. And it’s not very far away.

Any day we get two breakfasts, a long walk and extra lovies is a good day.

Kate, the cute one.

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