HOt HOt HOt Ow Ow Ow

Rose, the Irish Setter at the river

We went to the river today. I love shwimming, but I don’t like walking from the car to the river on the sand and rocks. It’s hot, hot, hot and my paws get owies. In the morning when we first get there it’s okay but when we leave after lunch it’s not okay. I shake my paws to get rid of the owies but that doesn’t work. Brian figured out a way so the sand and rocks don’t hurt.

First he parks the SUV as close as he can to the fence. Then he fills a gallon jug with water and pours the water on the sand in the sun. We walk in the shade under the trees as much as we can. By the time we have to walk on the sand it’s not as hot. We walk really fast too. And Brian has the door open to the SUV so we can jump right in.

Rose, the Irish Setter

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