Pretty lights in the sky

So we weren’t going to go but then decided to at the last minute. Go see the fireworks. See me and Rose aren’t afraid of loud noises like when the sprinklers in the sky turn on and the lights go on and off in the sky too with rumbly noises. So our two-legged companions thought it would be okay to walk down to the lake and see the fireworks. I don’t know why they’re called fireworks. There wasn’t any fire and nobody was working. Everybody — and there were lots and lots of everybodys –were sitting on the ground. There were little two-legged companions, fat ones, skinny ones and in all different shades. And music too.

So we walked really fast from our house to the lake. It’s not that far away about 40 minutes. We go there for breakfast sometimes because there’s this outside patio and they serve scrambled eggs and toast and sometimes we get bacon. Anyways…

Everybodys thought I was cute cause I am. That’s how I sign my blogs Kate, the cute one. I got petted a lot. Rose did too. Nobody knows this but me but she stole this little two-legged companions cookie. Well maybe stole is not the right word. The little companion was kinda giving it to Rose, but I think Rose would have taken it anyway.

The fireworks started. Pretty lights in the sky. Everybodys clapped and cheered. The pretty lights stopped and everybodys went home, including us.

Kate, the cute one.

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