It’s awfully little for four

Kate catching a nap

Our two-legged companions are starting to get ready to travel. No, not like when we all stayed at the Hilton Hotel but in a RV or trailer. They went looking today at a place called Camper World down in Mesa. I don’t think I’ve ever been in Mesa. It’s a funny name for a town. I mean the name Fountain Hills where we live tells you exactly what it is — there’s a fountain and a lot of hills. We see the fountain sometimes when we go on our morning walk. Anyways.

They met this guy, Dave, at Camper World. Brian said Dave was very nice and showed them four different trailers. Dave has a labrador, an Austrialian sheep dog and a little dog too. All the trailers were little. Well they have to be little because that’s all our SUV can pull. There’s room for the four of us but not much else. It’s going to take an awful lot of planning to go on a trip. I need my food, my treats, my toys and my leash. If there’s not enough room, Dee can leave the shampoo and brushes at home.

I hope they take Rose and me along when they buy the trailer.

Kate, the cute one

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