Are you ready for some Green Bay Packer Football?

Me and Kate are. See everytime the Green Bay Packers score we get a treat. Some games we get a lot of treats. I mean Aaron is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, like the very bestest quarterback. He’s better than Peyton Manning — I mean Manning’s good but he lost the Super Bowl last year. It wasn’t pretty the way he lost. Tony Romo is okay but he was kinda undependable at the end of the season. Tom Brady was okay too, but I don’t like his coach.

Anyways. Kate goes crazy when we score. She jumps up and down and runs around barking. Brian and Dee, our two-legged companions yell GO PACK GO and throw our toys for us to catch.

Pssst don’t tell Dee but if there are snacks on the coffee table I’ll help myself. See they’re so busy cheering they don’t even notice.

Rose, the Irish Setter.

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