Ears and Toes

Kate gets her owie ears fixed by Jimmy and Dr. Stokka

So like I have this owie ear. It’s hot and red and hurts. My two-legged companion Dee took me to Banfield Pet hospital today. I met a new friend called Jimmy, he’s a vet tech. I know what a vet is but I don’t know what a tech is. At first I was a little afraid of him cause he was big. But that went away pretty fast, he gave me lots of lovies and petted me and said I was pretty and I am cause I have three colors not just one or two like other Springer Spaniels.

Anyways, he used the butt thermometer but said he was really sorry. He took my pulse and listened to my heart. My heart was beating really fast like a jillion miles a minute.

The Vet came in. She was Doctor Stokka. She had long hair and was nice to me. Pretty much everybody is nice to me. She looked in my owie ear and said yup I’ve got an infection, a yeast infection. So she gave me some medicine.

And then we get to the toes part of this blog. See I have long toe nails and I don’t like to have them clipped. Dee tried to do it once — and well she clipped one nail too short and there was blood everywhere. I was brave though I only yelled a little.

So today Dee decides that the groomer at Petsmart should clip my toenails. I mean they’re experts at it so it shouldn’t hurt. They have this new thing now where instead of clipping the nails they use a tool to grind the nails down. It was okay. I liked Elizabeth the groomer. She was gentle with me, even though I fussed. I tried to pull my paws away.

Then I got treats, lots of treats, many many treats.

So it was a good day for ears and toes and me.

Kate the cute one.

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