Our two-legged companions are really tired.

Rose exercising.

I don’t know why, but as soon as they came home from working out today, they just flopped on the couch. What is this working out anyways? Dee says she’s working when she’s at the laptop so I can’t use it to blog. And sometimes Brian works out on the patio, but he’s just sitting there . The laptops aren’t very heavy…. so why are they complaining? Well, they’re not actually complaining just kinda saying ow, ow, ow, whenever they move. Brian keeps saying he’s going to be sore tomorrow.

Dee said that it was a personal trainer named Steve that made them work out so hard. They had to do rowing and knee bends and big steps and knee ups and a plank — is that anything like walking the plank — and a whole bunch of other exercises.

Rose swimming.

What’s not to like about exercising? Me and Kate do it all the time when we go to the dog park. And when we go shwimming in the river. We go for a walk every day. I keep pulling on the leash so our two-legged companions will walk faster. You don’t see us crying about it. In fact some days we — me and Kate — don’t want to stop.

Come to think of it, me and Kate have been their personal trainers for years. We make sure they are up every day at 6 so they don’t slack off and stay in bed (and of course so we get fed). I wonder what we should charge for helping them stay healthy?

But we do get free room, board, medical care, dog treats and vacations (we even stayed in a nice hotel in Hollywood this summer). I guess we’ll just call it even.

Anyways we want to thank this Steve personal trainer guy for helping our two-legged companions stay healthy and fit. Oh, they asked me to tell you that if you ever need a personal trainer Steve’s the guy. He ain’t easy but he’s nice and makes you work hard.

Rose, the Irish setter

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