Purple is not my favorite color

Rose is a Green Bay Packer fan

So we won against the big bad bears. Now in only three days we have to play the Vi-queens I mean the Vikings. Brian, my two legged companion calls them the Vi-queens I guess because their uniforms are purple. Purple is not a scary color like green and gold. So I looked up Vikings on the Internet. What? If I can blog I can surf the Internet.

Vikings have these helmets with horns on them so they kinda look like a purple cow. Now cows aren’t scary. I mean they’re big but they’re mostly good for hamburgers. So that’s what I expect my Packers to do. The Packers, original name was ACME Packers and they were from a meat packing company.

Soooo, Aaron and Jordy and A.J. and Mathews and are going to pack the Vikings into tight little sausages and serve them for Thursday night’s dinner. And don’t forget Julius Peppers because peppers always smothers sausages.

Rose, the hungry for a sausage one.

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