Dressing Up is Fun

Rose as a lovely witch.

Our little friend Payton helped make our Howloween costumes. She put the colors together and found the material and made our capes. I like dressing up sometimes because it gets me a lot of attention. The good kind.

You might wonder why we were dressed up and it’s not Howloween yet. Well we went to a costume party at the Glenbrook Creamery. They gave us a bag of treats and a toy. I like treats. There were big dogs and little dogs and even a fierce looking dog. She turned out to be very nice.

They have good ice cream. Brian bought a pumpkin crunch flavor and shared a little bit with us. I can’t wait to go back. Oh, they are dog-friendly. They have tables and chairs outside. And umbrellas so you don’t get too hot.

Rose, the Irish Setter

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