Muggy hugs

Rose getting ready to give muggy hugs

So like my two-legged companion, Dee got this new phone and she was trying to send a text message. The phone has this really really really little tappity thing. My paw was bigger than the tappity thing. She kept hitting the wrong letters and was getting upset. So I did what I always do when my two-legged companions get upset. I gave her a muggy hug. What’s a muggy hug? It’s when I jump up and put both my paws on her shoulders and give her a sloppy kiss.

See — nobody can stay upset when they get a muggy hug. She was sitting in her office chair which turns around and around. So when I gave her the muggy hugs the chair turned around and made her laugh. So I gave her more muggy hugs. She forgot all about the phone.

Rose, the Irish Setter

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