So okay we won the Green Bay Packer game against the Dullfins. We also won first prize in the Glenbrook Creamery in Fountain Hills, Howloween pet costume contest. It wasn’t easy.

First we had to practice wearing the costumes around the house. That was okay. The net was kinda scratchy but not too bad.

When it was time to go I got all excited and started jumping around like I always do when we go for a walk. Dee should have known this. Anyways I stepped on my skirt and it ripped off the elastic. So Dee said maybe we should just stay home. Brian said we should go. So she took off my skirt and seweded it up.

So we’re getting ready to go out the door and we can’t find Rose’s hat. I mean the witch’s hat makes the witch’s costume. We found it finally.

On the way to the contest rose stepped on her skirt and it ripped off. And then her hat came off and we had to walk back to get it. Dee said maybe we should just go home, but Brian said we were almost there and to keep going. Dee tucked the ripped part under the elastic of the skirt.

It was worth it. Everybody said we looked cute. I always look cute. We got treats and we won first place. First, not second but FIRST.

Like Brian says “Showing up is 50% of winning.” And we showed up.

Kate, the cute one.

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