Bad Birds Be Gone

Kate watches for birds.

It’s my backyard and I don’t want any bad birds in it. So I chase them. See they eat the tomatoes and kale in the garden. I like to eat the tomatoes and kale and the peas and dig up the carrots but the birds don’t dig up the carrots I don’t like beans so much.

Anyways. The quail are kinda dumb. Well… actually they’re really dumb. . They’re dumb because every time they come in the backyard to eat the seedlings that turn into vegetables I chase them out but they still keep coming. I can catch them too. See they don’t like to fly. They would rather run. So if I plan it just right I can catch them right before they try to take off. Dumb, dumb quails. They taste good. So do the baby mockingbirds.

One time the parent mockingbirds built their nest in the nectarine tree. See that was kinda dumb too because that tree isn’t very big or strong. I could see the nest. So when the parents were gone I stretched up the tree and pushed on the trunk. Kerplunk the baby bird fell out and right into my mouth. The parents were mad and kept dive bombing me. But I wasn’t worried. I almost caught one of them too. At least I got a couple of tail feathers.

Last year there was this gigantic bird I mean really huge that was on the roof. Brian said it was a bald eagle. It wasn’t bald though. It had white feathers on its head. I haveta tell ya I was kinda nervous barking at the eagle. When it spread out its wings to take off they were wider than my two-legged companion Brian is tall. I was glad it left.

Kate, the cute one

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