Raiders of the Treat Bar

Cookies everywhere.

Brian decided to take me, Kate the English Springer, and Rose my Irish Setter buddy to Petco on Sunday. Dee asked him, “Are you sure you can handle them both by yourself?” He said, “No problem. They’ll be too tired after going hiking to get in any trouble.” Right there Rose and me knew we were going to have a great time at that store, which has all sorts of stuff we love: our favorite food, treats and toys. Tired? Not us.

We especially like the treat bar they have in the front of the store. It has large bins full of treats, all different kinds and very yummy. Every time we go there Rose tries to snatch some treats, but Brian usually keeps her from taking more than one. And I don’t get any because I’m not quite tall enough to reach.

Sunday, Rose and me showed again what two dogs can accomplish when they team up. So anyways, we walk into the store. There was a big box of squeaky toys and a lady was looking through it. Good time to test our strategy. Rose and me pulled on our leashes in opposite directions. While Brian tried to pull me back toward him, Rose reached out to snatch the toy from the lady’s hand. Rose’s timing was just a hair off and she missed.

Rose and Me with Dee on our hike

On to the treat bar, which we intend to raid. I pulled really hard to get there, dragging Brian into a display of chew sticks, which he knocked over. While he reached down to pick them up and put them back in the display, Rose lunged with all her might to reach the treats in the bar. She pulled a huge package of dog cookies to the ground. The box broke and cookies went flying all over the floor. It was so fun! Me and Rose gobbled as many as we could. Brian tried to pull us away from the cookies, but I guess he was too tired from hiking.

He said, “Bad girls!” Like that was going to stop us? Seriously? There were 100 cookies on the floor! We pulled Brian all over the place as we gobbled them down. Other people in the store were smiling and laughing when they saw what we did. We were happy to entertain them. Finally, Brian started laughing, too.

Brian said, “You know, girls, we’re going to have to buy them since you were bad and broke open the package.” We looked at him like, “Duh, that was the whole idea!”

A guy and the lady we met at the toy display came over and picked the cookies up for Brian.

Then Brian took us over to the shelves where the medicines and stuff were. When we got to the shelves with the shampoo, we pulled hard to get him away from there. Shampoo means, BATH, which we HATE. At the end of the aisle on a lower shelf, there were rawhide chew toys. Rose went after those and grabbed two of them, one for me. But Brian took them away, which didn’t seem fair because we were just helping him with his shopping. How would he know what to buy for us?

That's Brian with me and Rose.

And a dog should be rewarded with a chew toy after suffering through a bath, don’t you think?

So we left the store with a bottle of shampoo and about 100 cookies. Rose and me did good.

Kate, the cute one

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