Visited a Farmer’s Market in Fountain Hills

Kate and Rose waiting patiently for celery.

All of us went for a walk around the lake today. It was bright and sunny and there were birds all over the place, those funny black birds with yellow feet and legs, ducks with green heads, boring plain brown ducks. I like to chase the ducks, but I’m not allowed to. I have to stay on my leash but Rose does too so it’s fair…I guess.

Anyways, I wasn’t expecting it but there was a farmer’s market. I didn’t see any farmers on the market but there were lots of yummy vegetables. Kale, carrots, spinach and tomatoes those were just a few things Dee bought. The man at Double Play Produce didn’t believe her when she said that me and Rose love vegetables. So Dee asked if the kale was washed, when he said yes she gave some to us. It was crunchy and fresh. He was so surprised.

In case you’re wondering, it was very hard not to munch down on all those veggies while we were waiting for Dee to take our photo.

Rose and Kate with Brian at the Fountain Hills Lake

I also met a very nice white German shepard named Stella. She was friendly and was with a blonde two-legged companion who said she rescued Stella. I’m not so sure about that. See the blond lady said her dog went to puppy heaven and she was very lonely. Stella saved her two-legged companion so I think that’s who the rescuer was.

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