I don’t get New Year’s

Happy New Year from Rose and Kate

Why do we need a New Year? See I’m a four-legged companion. Some uninformed peoples would call me a dog. I live in the Now, not in yesterday. And I don’t think about tomorrow cause it’s not here yet.

Of course I remember stuff from yesterdays. Like yesterday we learned a new game called “Go Find.” But what’s most important is now.

Like now, my belly is full from a nice breakfast. I’m sitting at the tappity thingie writing my blog. I’m comfortable because I went outside to do you-know-what. I’m happy right now.

Maybe more peoples should stop fretting about the future. It will get here one way or another. And they can’t change the past so why worry about the past. Learn from it, like I learned our new game.

Anyways that’s my blog for now.
Rose, the Irish setter.
PS Does anybody know what happens to the Old Year? Like does it get recycled or something?

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