Fountain Hills Art Fair Was Fun

Rose and Kate in Hats

This was the first year we got to go to the Fountain Hills Art Fair with our two-legged companions. There were peoples everywhere. Funny thing is some of the peoples hid in their tents while others walked around.

I liked the bags of popcorn. See peoples were holding on to them but they didn’t realize that one good chomp and I could eat most of their bag. Course Brian knew that so he kept me away from the bags. Sometimes he’s too smart, Yanno? What he didn’t realize was that little two-legged companions in their thingie on wheels were happy to share their ice cream or cookies with me. I mean it wouldn’t be polite of me to say no, when one of them offers their caramel covered apple to me. Right?

Sorry about the photo of mainly peoples’ legs but it’s hard to hold the camera up higher.

There were lots of other dogs. Some of the itty bitty ones rose in thingies on wheels too. I don’t get that. They’re dogs, but maybe with so many peoples around it was safer for them to be in their thingie than walking on the ground. I saw a big poodle, a black dog that looked like an German shepard and lots of mixed up mutts. They’re fun too. We all had a good butt sniff to say hello.

Donn and his companions for K9 Kool Hats

Oh about the hats we’re wearing. Don’t we look cute? Kate certainly thinks so but she always thinks she’s cute. Dee bought them from K9 Kool Hats like when I was just a couple of years old. So they lasted and lasted cause I’m ten now. She glued the flowers on. At first I thought the hats looked silly with the flowers but then I decided the flowers made me feel pretty. And they got a lot of attention. Our job — me and Kate’s is to make people feel happy — those hats sure did the job. The hats were sold at the fair by Donn and his four-legged companions. He sells them on his website too.

We came home after the fair and it was almost dinner time.

Rose, the pretty Irish setter.

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