We walked down to breakfast

Kate watching the ducks

Sometimes when the weather is warm but not too warm cause then the pavement gets too hot to walk on and I get owie paws — we walk down to breakfast. There’s this place called Euro Cafe and it sits right near the edge of the lake so I can keep an eye on the ducks. Well most of the birds aren’t ducks but are called coots. They’re black with yellow flat feet and yellow bills. My job is to make sure all the coots swim in the lake. I don’t let them come up on the grass. If they do I chase them back into the lake. Anyways.

Today we got to eat scrambled eggs and bacon and potatoes and toast. Just a little bacon, but lots of potatoes. I like the scrambled eggs the best beside the bacon but I didn’t get much bacon. Rose likes the potatoes the best. She didn’t get much bacon either.

Maybe the next time, Brian can order extra bacon for me and Rose.

Kate, the cute one who wants bacon.

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