Veggies and Fruits It’s yum yum time

Vegetables and Fruits for Us

Yanno you probably think dogs don’t like vegetables but you’d be wrong. Me and Kate love veggies and fruits. Every morning Brian shares his banana with us. Dee does too but Brian gives us bigger pieces. Dee’s kinda stingy. Anyways

We went for a walk around the lake this morning and the Farmer’s market was there. Now they have all sorts of stuff that us four-legged companions shouldn’t have like bratwurst and chocolate and cheesecake and kettle corn. Who makes up these rules? Our favorite booth besides the bratwurst oh and the grassfed beef and free range chickens and bakery is Double Play Produce

We got a whole bunch of Kale, one of collard greens — I don’t like collard greens as much as kale, it’s a little too bitter — something new to try with quinoa greens not the grain but the greens — we got celery, scallions, and baby potatoes, lemons and limes I don’t have a use for, plums and blackberries.

Me and Kate have a veggie appetizer every afternoon before dinner. This should keep us busy for awhile.

Rose, the Irish setter

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