Baby Birds Are Best for Breakfast

Or anytime at all for that matter. I caught one and oh boy it fluttered and fluttered and tried to get away but I’m fast. English Springer Spaniels, that’s me, are faster than a baby bird. See I practice chasing birds all the time. I chase shadows and butterflies too. When we go to the dog park I case birds, so I get a lot of practice.

They taste different then I thought. One peep and then I crunched and swallowed. The feathers tickled on the way down. Dee, my two legged companion, got upset. She thinks I should have given it to her when she asked. But I swallowed instead. I mean we get chicken for dinner and those are just birds. So I caught my own, big deal.

That’s me right where I caught the baby bird, Rose, she’s my bestest Irish Setter friend, said I did good.

Kate, the cute one

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