Enough is Enough

Me and Rose at Pet Expo

So we went to this huge building surrounded by lots and lots of cars. It was something called Pet Expo. Inside was like the bestest place for four-legged companions.  Me and Rose got treats — that’s us eating an ice cream cone – but there were treats just for dogs too. Lots of different kinds of dog food and collars and leashes and hats and toys and treats.  There were groomers and vets and trainers and peoples who knew a lot about dogs and talked about it to the other peoples. I think that was called a lecture or a lesson.

I wish they would have let me go on the agility course. See I run very fast and I can jump — I spring that’s why I’m called a springer. Anyways I poked my head under the curtain and this lady came over and told me not to do that anymore. I dunno why? I was just lookin.

There was a demonstration where this canine was biting the pants on this two-legged companion. It was called protection. He was protecting this basket, but I couldn’t see what was in the basket. It must have been really important because the canine kept barking and barking and showing his teeth, — that’s what we do when we want someone or some thing to go away. We show our big teeth. He wouldn’t let the two-legged companion come close to the basket. But then the two-legged companion said something and the canine stopped all the barking and wagged his tail. That’s what we do when we’re happy — wag our tail. It was kinda confusing to watch actually.

Pet Expo with Brian

After awhile I got tired so I decided enough was enough it was time to go home. So that’s what I tried to do. I got as far a the door and this lady grabbed my leash right before I went out in the parking lot. Then Dee came and got me. See I couldn’t hear Dee calling me with all the other stuff going on. Dee said the lady saved me. Then we went home.

It was a good day.

Kate, the cute one.

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